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Domestic Inventory

An inventory is a detailed list of the contents, fittings and fixtures.

It is a clear concise snapshot of the property at the time of the inventory completion with digital photographs to support the report.

The inventory carried out by DEA Cambridge Ltd as a third party is unbiased.

Our Domestic Inventory Service

We offer fast speed and professional inventory service including:

  • Property Inventory Reports
  • Property Check In/ Check Out Inventories 

Our Inventory clerks

Our skillful and reliable inventory clerks are trained by RLA and fully covered by Public Liability Insurance.

Why floor plans?
  • Very useful aid when you are marketing a property
  • Helps potential buyers by giving clear information on the size and shape of the property
  • Helps sellers save time with viewings, as only interested parties visit the property
  • Helps sellers of commercial property, when original plans have gone missing or leases changed
Ask for Our quote
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Examples of our floor plans
fpexample1.jpg                       floorplan2.jpg