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Complaints Procedure 

DEA Cambridge Ltd is committed to a service of the very highest standard. If you feel that we haven’t lived up to your expectations, we’d like to know so we can put things right.

Please inform us of your complaint and how you think it could be resolved by:

  • calling DEA Cambridge Ltd  on 01223 706692 Monday to Friday 8:30am to 6pm,
  • or emailing us at deacambridge@gmail.com

We’ll do all we can to resolve your complaint by the end of the next business day. If we can’t do this, we’ll email you within five working days to tell you what we’ve done to resolve the problem, or acknowledge your complaint and let you know you can expect a full response within 30 days. If you are still not satisfied with our response then you are encouraged to contact STROMA our accreditation scheme whose policies we abide by. 


Health and Safety Policy Statement 

To support our Health and Safety policy statement we are committed to the following duties:

  • Undertake regular, recorded risk assessment of each site inspection undertaken by DEA Cambridge Ltd.
  • Create a safe environment by putting health and safety measures in place as identified by the assessment.
  • Ensure that all staff are given the appropriate level of training.
  • Ensure that all staff are aware of, understand and follow the  health and safety policy.
  • Appoint a Director to assist with health and safety responsibilities.
  • Ensure that normal operating procedures and emergency operating procedures are in place and known by all staff.
  • Provide access to adequate first aid facilities and telephone at all times.
  • Report any injuries or accidents sustained
  • Ensure that the implementation of the policy is reviewed regularly and monitored for effectiveness.
       Health and Safety Officer : Helen Ward (Director)



Frequently Asked Questions
What does an assessment for an EPC involve?

Firstly, an accredited energy assessor needs to visit a property to conduct an energy site survey. During the survey, information is collected including details of dimensions, construction and heating/cooling/hot water/ventilation provision. Secondly, the data is processed by approved software (either RDSAP or SBEM) to complete the energy assessment and then produce EPC's.


How long will it take to perform an energy inspection?
The time taken to perform an on site energy inspection will vary according to the size and complexity of the property.
A domestic energy inspection would normally take 30-40 minutes. A commercial building or a public building inspection would generally take up to 4 hours.
What's the main difference between an EPC and a DEC? 
  • Ratings.  Buildings require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) if it is sold, built or let. An EPC rating shows the performance of the building’s fabric and fixed services - this is called as the Asset Rating. By contrast a DEC rating shows how well the occupier is using energy within last 12 months and trend over the last three years - this is named as the Operational Rating.
  • Responsibility.  An EPC should be offered by the landlord, but a DEC should be obtained by the building occupiers.
  • Display.  An EPC is normally shown by the owner to prospective tenants or buyers of a property. A DEC must be placed in a prominent place clearly visible to the public.
  • Validity.  An EPC is valid for 10 years. A DEC is valid for only 1 year and needs to be renewed annually.
What happens if my building gets a low rating?
This indicates the building could be more energy efficient. During the inspection a number of recommendations to improve the energy efficiency will be identified. Implementation of these could not only increase your rating and reduce carbon emissions but also save you money on energy bills. It is up to you whether you implement the recommendations or not.
If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us . Our friendly professional team will help you.
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