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What is a Display Energy Certificate?
A Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is required for buildings which are in excess of 1000 m2 and occupied by either a Public Authority or an Institution providing a public service and visited by the public.
The legislation came into force since 1 October 2008 according to EPBD. 
A DEC shows the energy performance of a building based on its actual annual energy consumption and the CO2 emissions that result from that energy use.
This is shown as a rating from A to G, where A has the lowest CO2 emissions (best) and G the highest CO2 emissions (worst).

The rating is also shown as a number. A typical building of its type would have a rating of 100. A building with twice the typical CO2
emissions would have a rating of 200. 
A DEC must be accompanied by an Advisory Report containing recommendations for improvement of the energy performance of the building.
A DEC must be placed in a prominent place clearly visible to the public. It's recommended the certificate should be no smaller than A3 size.
How long is a DEC valid for?
A DEC is valid only 1 year and must be renewed every 12 months ,but the Advisory Report is valid for 7 years. 
What factors would contribute to a DEC rating?
  • Building Category
  • Location
  • Energy Consumption
  • Building Gross Internal Area (aka Total Useful Floor Area)
  • Separable Energy Use
  • Occupancy

What is the penalty for not having a DEC?

A local authority can issue a penalty charge notice of £500 for failing to display a DEC at all times in a prominent place clearly visible to the public, and £1,000 for failing to possess or have in their control a valid advisory report.
For more information please see http://www.communities.gov.uk/

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